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一、Welfare benefit

 1.Accommodation: the company provided free of charge.

 2.Full attendence reward: a month 200 yuan normal attendance attendance award.

 3.corporate events : the company does not regularly organize various cultural and sports activities, the annual year-end or at the beginning of the New Year Gala and draw.

三、Way of contact

 Company telephone: 0791-88103888

 Company address:  The torch high-tech zone of Nanchang City, Jiangxi province two Road No. 819

四、The riding route

1.The city by bus 5 road, 6 road, 209 Road, 231 road to the new North Road up to.

2.The city by 13 bus routes to the private science and Technology Parks of.

^-^ Warmly welcome talents to the development of Jiangxi province!


The company's factory


The company's production workshop